15 let the search engine trust you

      build your site on the search engine trust, greatly enhance the credibility of your site in the search engine, and enhance the weight and ranking.

      a lot of webmasters tend to ignore the degree of trust in the construction of web search engine friendliness, more often when they are forced to put the record only, in fact, the site letter

      the degree of construction is simple, and very meaningful, in addition to the record.

      significance: first, to enhance the user degree of trust in your site;                
      two, the website in search engine trust value (TrustRank).

      the following is mainly for your site for the construction of the trust of the search engine, generally have the following aspects:

      1 subject information is complete: for example, about us, detailed, as detailed as possible (in favor of the site’s credibility in the search engine)

      2 website: to obtain timely record record license (ICP; have to, unless you want to put the site closed, and don’t want to do it yourself, the search engine will be according to local laws and regulations to carry out design calculation, do not believe look at those sites on fire)

      information contact: 3 detailed and complete contact; (search engine can also see your website contact, do not believe you for taking the time to call Robin Li and ask him to see


      4 Web site size: the number of pages and the content of the rich; (search engines prefer large and rich website, open secret)

      5 original content: it is a needless to say, look at some maintain a certain frequency of writing blogs, You’ll see. search engines love original; (I am not stressed that content is king, but must be original)
    & nbsp; copyright; 6 information: it is best to write, it also takes a few seconds (Google; pay more attention to the copyright information website)

      7 privacy information: Declaration of customer information, user information to give privacy protection;

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