Analysis on the living space of Regional Talent Network

There is a nearby principle in

recruitment, sometimes when recruiting in the personnel department, not far from the company’s regional love some people, because work is convenient; and relatively stable; and some companies do not provide accommodation, so it all the way to the interview job seekers called over to the end because because the two sides did not talk about the distance so exhausting, meet the eye everywhere, and there is a toil with no gain; cost, far away or work, not a salary come? And in the vicinity of the people not the same. Close to home, also can accept the low salary; so to sum up, close the recruitment of each HR love, this is a trend.

Some people will say that

, the nearest area can hire the right people? Can offer so much talent? In fact, our analysis, an enterprise, regardless of size, not all the people go when the general manager and the boss, according to the 28 principles of division, a company 20% the position belongs to the high-end position, this part of the relative position is relatively high, the experience, quality and education are critical, but this part of the people after all in the enterprise belongs to a small part of it, and I think that some people can not put in the local talent net promotion focus on.


local talent net should be put in the other 80%, most of which 80% belong to the administrative and technical personnel, general finance and so on, and this part of the people I would say, in the local can be recruited to, of course, I said the region is also a premise, you put in Qinghai, Lhasa certainly can not meet. I say is some away from the center of the satellite city, a second tier city or first-tier cities in the market, these areas can certainly provide the 80% required talents, at the same time, this is where our local talent net potential, 20% to qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin go, 80% to us, for example, our Songjiang talent network has just started, but we set section and operation ideas are very local to the enterprise with attention in 80%, won the local talent network Living space!

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