Guo Yeye inertia makes nternet marketers like frogs in butter

some time ago to send a few articles About Baidu promotion articles, is an in-depth analysis of Baidu marketing promotion, in order to share some methods and skills of Baidu network marketing, the result of people injured is Speechless. The article does contain AD information, but it is my way of living, a long and minute statement wrote so many related content, no credit has elbow grease, then that is how the original, only hope that people can do more hurt, thank you.

Chat with a customer

, chat in the process, the customer said from the beginning of the 07 year until 2010, there have been Baidu, Google, various network company phone sales contact her, almost every day to the network company phone, not called a website, called Baidu promotion. And to my big grumble, said he very busy and have to deal with these network marketing phone, really annoying, and said to the network marketing very understanding, they are also very concerned about a variety of network marketing.

so I asked the details, Guo Yeye is from Hubei Baidu promotion marketing specialist, to the very understanding of Baidu, asked a few About Baidu SEO pay and promotion of relevant information, the words didn’t say two, customers will be rendered speechless, but said the more interested in. Guo Yeye asked the details, the customer replied, three years of network marketing is opened a shop on Taobao, and later opened a Taobao mall.

customers so I can not help but think, network marketing, but also the existence of detention ah!

people have inertia, including Guo Yeye himself, in a familiar network marketing channels, they do not want to try a new promotion. I have my own website, there is a good ranking on Baidu. Also have their own blog, and customers can communicate reasonably, and have good communication with customers online. Baidu marketing related knowledge is also relatively thorough understanding, but not all, only limited to Baidu promotion. For me now, to fully understand the knowledge of Baidu promotion, I have enough work now. I used to think of Alibaba, Taobao, Baidu has ah to establish their own shop, but has not been to achieve, because of inertia.

this article, not to talk about Baidu, nor to talk about Baidu promotion. The main purpose is to talk about the network marketing. In order to have been living in their circle of friends, see what they are doing, doing. To be honest, I will take some joke in the form of defamation of friends, of course, is related to the Internet and friends, they also have and Guo Yeye is the same, but not in Baidu citimex network, but in other Internet companies.

Baidu is the site, Alibaba is the site, Taobao is also a website, they are successful web site. They make money is through the people of us, if we want to make money through the network marketing, there is no success of these sites, it is difficult to do, so we may have to buy early

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