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1 parsing HP spin off for five reasons: or paving the way for the privatization of

Beijing on October 6th news, "Wall Street Journal online edition reported on Sunday that the Hewlett-Packard Co will be the first on Monday announced a plan to split the PC and printer business from enterprise hardware and services apart. After the completion of the split, HP will be a company into two independent companies. Technology blog ZDNet author analyzes five main reasons that HP HP split, split business will enable the company to focus more and more conducive to the corporate sector more large-scale mergers and acquisitions, meanwhile, is conducive to the advantage of HP private department.

the following is the main content of the article:

, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that HP is planning to implement the resolution, and will announce the plan as soon as Monday. HP’s move is not surprising, but it is puzzling why now the implementation of the split plan.

2011, HP had to split the PC sector to assess, but then split the program was stranded, partly because the PC sector is part of the HP server supply chain. When he was HP CEO Li Aike (Leo Apotheker) because of the proposed split PC sector program, was a lot of opposition, and eventually led to his resignation. In 2012, the new HP CEO Meg; Whitman (·,), the PC and the printer business was merged with the ·.

in view of the current structure of the Hewlett-Packard Co, the current division of the company does not seem to be very difficult. Overall, the implementation of the split may be a good thing.

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2 QQ: WebQQ end QQ web version of the domain name

never ever meet again?

news October 5th, February 11, 1999, a man named QQ penguin was born, since then, Tencent can Liaoyuanzhishi quickly with sparks of fire all over on both sides of the Changjiang River according to the data show that, Tencent QQ online users from the beginning of the 2 people (Ma Huateng and Zhang Zhidong), to the hundreds of millions of users online at the same time, 2014 is more than two hundred million people. One of the most widely used chat software. But today, the distance came the webqq is about to close the message, the domain name will never ever meet again, the goodbye was w>

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