Buy site daily closing 5 9 bubble burst capital pull gate

just know who is swimming naked when the tide. In the past two years the domestic group purchase only after the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the scanty game player.

domestic data group 800 report shows that in September of this year, the number of domestic buy site has been reduced to 2919, representing a decrease of 42% over the same period last year, which is equivalent to a daily buy site will disappear from the group.

over the past year, the handle network, mission treasure network, 24 coupons and other sites to buy a more intense layoffs, steering, founder and managing the deterioration of the relationship between the storm. After the storm, the company’s internal ecological serious setback, self repair system suffered heavy losses. Handle network sales results from the first drop in the domestic group to buy three or four, mission treasure network, 24 coupons from last year’s top five, has been on the verge of shutting down state.

so far, the development of the domestic group purchase only after two years, the rapid decline from the rapid expansion, which wrapped in a period of rising domestic capital and impetuous domestic Internet entrepreneurs are simple and crude sense of competition.

buy industry, is the Chinese Internet entrepreneurs sounded the alarm.

bubble burst, capital pull gate

domestic group buying industry in the first half of 2011, there had been a golden period. Since the participation threshold is low, and the superiority of prepaid capital mode, the domestic group purchase from March 2010 two or three, soon developed into the end of 2010 more than 4 thousand, to June 2011, the figure is close to 6000.

Group Po network CEO Ren Feng told reporters that, to some extent, the capital of the domestic buy two years, roller coaster type of development played a role in the pull rod and pull. In the first half of 2011, the concept of buy almost reached the boiling point in capital financing. Full house CEO Feng Xiaohai had no financial 50 million dollars will feel shy to disclose "to describe the period of the group purchase financing.

April 2011, handle network access to $100 million financing, valuation of $1 billion 100 million, the first to launch a domestic group buying tide. Under the instigation of capital, pull the network began to expand the layout of the game, and pulling the industry to the scale of the race.

independent electricity supplier analyst Lu Zhenwang said that the handle model is built on the first to get huge financing after the "hold fast", let the other competitors with less, in addition, the enterprise rate is relatively high in a period of rapid expansion of the net assets income, can handle after listing the risk to the market in two.

but it is bad, the United States IPO markets began to close to Chinese company from June 2011. At the same time, after the listing of the financial problems facing Groupon also accelerated the collapse of the bubble concept buy. Understanding of the purchase of the capital began to shift from the transaction amount to gross profit oriented. In addition, due to the impact of the European debt crisis, some private equity funds eager to seek out, but also to accelerate the collapse of the bubble buy.

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