The winter capital under the frequent layoffs storm nternet bubble to burst

the end of 2016, December ushered in the circle of friends the first day was 2016 last month, please treat "2016" last month, my wish is · · · · · · "similar words scraper, but technology does not seem to hear the ring of desire instead, ushered in the" layoffs storm".

December 6th, is in the music in the teeth of the storm in the stock market, also encountered a crisis, it fell significantly as net trading fell nearly 8% in a short period of time, said Jia Yueting fell below the open line 64.81% shares pledged. Then, 7 days immediately suspended emergency response to stock price volatility, the same evening, LETV announcement: the company is checking the abnormal positions and rumors, and at the same time, planning major events, is expected to involve integration issues of industry resources, to continue the suspension.

to open the pledge rumors, Jia Yueting himself in micro-blog forcefully: "Oh, yesterday one of the series of events, planning is perfect, black enough shameless, but the music will be struck down? The answer is: more black, the stronger the battlefield, see." It is worth mentioning that, with the music, as well as the cool group in 7 shares also fell nearly 12.5%, industry experts believe that this series of events and music as sports confirmed layoffs of about 10%.

science and technology circle more than music as an outgoing layoffs, with music as like in the burn and just drops with excellent step. By the news of layoffs just came out, then fall into a cycle of death from layoffs, rumor, let the public know why. Is the so-called There are no waves without wind., a layoff rumors or lay off action more than the two companies. So, what is the reason for these technology companies repeatedly reported layoffs news?

with a view of the Internet industry every 8 years there will be a winter capital of the Internet bubble in 2000, especially the people fear, then the 2008 winter capital, according to the digital count down 2016 is once again following the winter capital after 2008. "Book of Songs" said: "Dan Ming Zhe, in order to protect the body, that is we often say worldly-wise and play safe, the interpretation of the methods of enterprise layoffs seem to protect themselves. However, layoffs really can avoid the Internet bubble to reproduce it?

capital winter, the economic downturn spread to the Internet

throughout 2016, there have been a number of technology companies came layoffs storm. Prior to the media listed a staggering figure, in the Baidu search layoffs related news has 263000, a total of 38 pages, actually there are 30 pages in 2016. And now, once again open Baidu search layoffs related information has been increased to 281000, the capital seems to have deep winter.

is the electricity supplier industry, since the United States and the public comment on the merger of the media reported that the United States will start the PIP program (staff development and improvement plan), in the full

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