Li Kaifu meet the arrival of the era of cloud computing

with the development of technology, the way ordinary Internet users use the network is quietly changing. If you are about to open the computer, write down the next week plans to travel in a word processing software, then you may wish to try such a new document editing mode: open the browser, enter the Google Docs page, create a new document, edit the content and then directly to the URL document to share with your friend – yes. The travel plan now is concentrated into a URL, no matter where your friends are, he can directly open the browser to visit URL. No matter how many friends you share with them, they can edit and revise the tempting travel plan with you…… If you like this novel editing experience, then congratulations, you are embracing a beautiful network application model – cloud computing.

it’s hard to say exactly what is cloud computing. Just the name "cloud computing" is trendy enough to be romantic enough. In fact, we can simply look at the entire Internet as a beautiful cloud, and now, connected to the cloud of Internet users in the world has more than 1 billion 200 million. Internet users need to easily connect any device in the cloud, access to any information, the need to freely create content, and friends to share. Of course, all this must be done in a safe, fast, convenient premise. The so-called "cloud computing", is to open standards and services based on the Internet as the center, to provide a safe, fast and convenient data storage and network computing services to the Internet, the cloud has become every Internet users of the data center and computer center.

, for example, if you have the money to manage, so the easiest way is to put the money in his pillow, then in a small notebook to write down every sum and expenses accounted for. This kind of management shortcomings obviously: your books may because of moisture and illegible, you may work out because of Forgotten Books and anxious, placed under the pillow because money may at midnight and stolen by a gentleman in mid-air…… Of course, you can also buy their own safe, and then use the spreadsheet software on personal computers to manage the accounts, but it requires a certain economic strength and a strong computer skills. In fact, the best and safest way is to put the money in the bank, not to worry about the theft, also can use ATM machine, phone banking or online banking accounts in the bank management, more financial professionals to help you. If put the money into a safe pillow or similar to the US in the era of stand-alone personal computer to manage information, then, to share the money in the bank will correspond to the US in the network era with cloud computing to achieve data and application.

, that is to say, in the cloud computing model, application users need not run on the user’s personal computer, mobile phone and other terminal equipment, but running on the Internet server cluster in a large scale. The data handled by the user is not stored locally, but on the Internet

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