Microsoft Chinese behind CN market surge 3 times

Microsoft IE7.0 to give up genuine verification, has been the potential of underwater piracy WindowsXP users can finally update genuine, this strategy for the Chinese CN domain name market has injected new variables. Since Microsoft IE7.0 browser fully supports the Chinese CN domain name, you can use the Chinese CN domain name Internet users appear 3 times the number of growth space.

analysts believe that Microsoft abandon genuine validation in the short term can rapidly increase the installed capacity of IE7.0, and with the support of Chinese CN Internet IE7.0 browser popularity, the number of Internet users in China can use the Internet domain name Chinese CN there will be a large outbreak. According to the development environment of the software industry Chinese MII announced in 2007 the "investigation report" the results show that: in 2006, China desktop operating system market WindowsXP piracy rate is 76.5%%. Once the cancellation of genuine validation, increased the number of Internet users only the popularity of IE7.0 makes the Internet through Chinese CN domain name more than 3 times.

this is the first time Microsoft to give up genuine verification procedures. Microsoft IE project leader SteveReynolds explained, give up genuine verification is to allow all Windows users can upgrade to IE7.0. The industry believes that Microsoft to give up the genuine verification program, is trying to bring a huge group of users of pirated Win-dowsXP come in, with a view to increasing the amount of IE7.0 installed. At the same time, by supporting Chinese users to access Chinese CN domain name, increase the affinity of IE browser. There is no denying that the default piracy is one of the most successful Microsoft strategy, this strategy allows Microsoft’s Windows system has occupied the vast majority of users desktop. Data show that the current version of WindowsXP has occupied more than 80%% desktop operating system market. Ministry of Information Industry Intellectual Property Rights Advisory Service Center released in 2007, China’s software industry development environment survey report shows that in 2006 the piracy rate of WindowsXP is still as high as 76.5%%.

as early as 2006 IE7.0 global release on the occasion, Microsoft China announced that IE7.0 fully support the Chinese CN domain name. Wu Yanan, chief consultant for Microsoft’s China Development Cooperation Department, said the support of the Chinese CN domain name to become the main highlight of the IE7.0 market in china.

analysts believe that more and more users will log on to the Internet with their mother tongue, which is the trend of the development of the global internet. Microsoft strongly promote the support of Chinese CN domain name IE7.0 browser, Microsoft will not be excluded from the new round of the mother tongue of the tide. Recently, the data of multilingual domain name test statistics ICANN, Chinese, Russia, Japan and South Korea and other non English language users around the world has begun to accept a large number of new browser Firefox, Netscape, Safari and Opera can support Chinese, Japanese multilingual domain name on the Internet, to erode IE’s market space.

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