A week of news review Baidu introduced a one page shopping will respond to the Sogou leak incident

1 MSN came back to get through Microsoft all


June 3rd news, quiet for some time MSN finally came into people’s vision. Recently, Microsoft MSN fashion influence ceremony, Microsoft China MSN general manager Liu Zhenyu disclosed that the future will MSN business and Windows system integration, and MSN account also will be renamed Microsoft account, Microsoft computer system, mobile phone system become even general account Xbox game system etc.. He said that from now on, MSN will open the curtain of product transformation.


MSN account regeneration plan: get through all of the social services Microsoft dream

MSN account will be transferred to Microsoft account can be connected to any Microsoft product

MSN dead behind: do content services on the strongest resources

MSN general manager of China: MSN no dead prospect full of imagination

2 electricity supplier taking each satire to deal with the electricity supplier to one of two merchant family

June 4th news, into the electricity supplier war more intense in June. During the June, the major electricity suppliers are playing the price war, is taking a mutual Jingdong launched in the satirical! The first two days of June "big promotion, vice president of Jingdong Kui Ying Chun blog to denounce the Alibaba, accused Tmall of forcing businesses to choose a" two".


business taking each joint speculation is not necessarily true as suspected of price

resource grab price war thunder: Merchants separation to deal with the electricity supplier to one of two

sniper Jingdong: why Tmall launched a two election platform war

Dangdang June "counterattack war" program was exposed

price war triggered at any moment

Suning new rules: 8, the national retail price of online and offline

3 a piece of paper ordered to close the forum service provider 5d6d farewell to the webmaster

June 5th news, as the country’s largest free forum service provider 5d6d, yesterday officially announced that due to certain reasons was ordered to close the service, but the 5d6d Forum (two domain names) continued access to the year July 1st.


a paper instrument was ordered off the station: forum service provider 5d6d announced the cessation of service

Kang Sheng off 5d6d caused by the operator’s website thinking

5D6D domain name was forced to change the domain you have

4 Music website charges no move alleged hype

June 6th news, crazy biography >

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