Baidu launched the invitation rebate online activities can be divided into small owners

webmaster network August 31st news, according to the owners of the reaction, the Baidu alliance issued a notice on the 30 day, open invitation registration function, launched the "invitation rebate network alliance to promote online activities. Webmaster invited new members or add new sites during the event web promotion business income over 100 yuan per person, will receive a $fifty cash rebate, is not capped.

the following announcement specific content:

cited content:

dear alliance members, Hello:

thank you for your continued on the Baidu alliance of concern and support! Baidu Union has been will help partners grow as its mission, in 2010 launched a number of initiatives: the introduction of new products, improve service quality, expand the communication partners… Designed to help partners better convert traffic into revenue. Here, we sincerely invite you to participate in the "invitation rebate network alliance to promote online activities, invite your friends to join web promotion business team to share your rare in web promotion business in experience with them, and you will get a huge cash prize! < / p>

activity time: August 30, 2010 -2010,,

: you can participate in activities through two ways: invite friends website to apply to join the web promotion business or in your own web promotion username add new web site on web promotion business during the event.

prizes: when the new website is your new membership invitation or added during the event web promotion business income for every 100 yuan, you can get a cash prize of 50 yuan, is not capped, invite more and more rewarding! That is to reach 100 yuan to 50 yuan, 200 yuan to return 100 yuan… Reached 1000 yuan back to $500… Not capped!

activity rules are as follows: Hmsr=uniongg& hmmd=words& hmpl=1t1& hmkw=cpro& hmci=

more shocking gifts, look forward to your active participation


Baidu Alliance – to help partners achieve success in their respective fields.

Baidu alliance development from


August 30, 2010

it is reported that the webmaster can be divided into two ways, the first to invite friends to register. Webmaster can visit the Baidu alliance backstage access link to invite friends, when you click on the link and invite friends Wangmeng promotion code to obtain promotion income, webmaster can obtain the rebate; the second is to add their own new website. Webmaster landing Baidu alliance backstage, configuration of a new website and Wangmeng promotion code, can be obtained.

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