Strengthen the layout of the mobile terminal vip com will focus on sale

compared with the loss of many burn electricity supplier companies, is a foreign company for seven consecutive profitable quarter. In 2012, in the share price of $5.6 on the NYSE listed bloodshed, but as the first in the domestic B2C business profitable company, sought after by the capital markets, in more than two years the share price has risen by nearly 50 times.

is now particularly worried about the management of premature blind diversification." chief financial officer Yang Donghao recently accepted the first financial daily, said in an interview with the media. In the next five to ten years, will continue to focus on the sale market.

Yang Donghao also stressed that the future development of’s three key brands are to enhance membership growth, the expansion of the scale effect of the brand and the layout of the mobile terminal.

Merger Synergies appear

2014 second quarter earnings report,’s total net revenues for the second quarter was $829 million 400 thousand, an increase of 136.1% over the same period last year, net profit attributable to shareholders of the company amounted to $26 million 400 thousand, an increase of 192.1%.

in February of this year, spent $112 million 500 thousand acquisition of the electricity supplier of the electricity supplier Le bee network 75% stake. Since the acquisition of Le bee, cosmetics sales to achieve a certain growth, the data show that a quarter of cosmetics category sales of $167 million in the two quarter was $177 million. By category, is currently the second largest online cosmetics industry electricity supplier." Yang Donghao said.

but’s net profit fell slightly in the ring. Data show that’s two quarter operating profit fell by 21.5%, net profit fell by 1%. In this regard, Yang Donghao said that due to the current Le bee network is still at a loss, but as an important future direction of development of cosmetics, will continue to increase investment.

analysts said, through the sale mode, has completed the user and the brand’s high water, the end of the high-speed growth, started to enter the platform growing stage.

Yang Donghao told reporters that the brand, the electricity supplier is a very important supplement. is a very effective channel sink way. sales data in the region this quarter: a second tier cities accounted for 53%, accounting for the proportion of the sales of the three or four tier cities is $47%.

strengthen the layout of the mobile terminal mobile terminal business in order to expand the establishment of a separate mobile division, reporting directly to the COO, and through a number of promotional policies to promote the development of mobile terminal. This is because the trend of mobile electricity supplier, but if there is no environment, after the end of the mobile terminal will be returned to the user to buy PC." Yang Donghao said.

data show that the two quarter of mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 46%, while the number of the same period last year

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