Biography YAHOO intends to 2 billion acquisition of online video site Hulu

Beijing on July 20th news, according to foreign media reports, a person familiar with YAHOO’s acquisition plan before the sources pointed out that YAHOO will spend $2 billion from the existing Hulu owners bought the online video website, the current owner of Hulu, including Disney news group, Private Equity Firm Providence Equity Partners and Custer kang.

but if the Hulu owners to ensure that the Hulu in the next four or five years with the exclusive access to existing drama and some old movies, then YAHOO will consider such acquisition agreement. Technology website Bloomberg reported that the Hulu is expected to be only willing to Hulu new owners to provide five years of access and only two years of exclusive access.

sources said: "if you provide content for the Hulu owner said, with the existing terms like Hulu provide four years of exclusive access, then by virtue of this agreement is very easy to create 1 billion to 2 billion dollars, perhaps more value." No four or five years of exclusive content access, Hulu will be not worth a hair.

Hulu has some good technology, but if there is no access to exclusive content, then YAHOO not only for streaming TV shows and movies playing right. This will cost much less. On the other hand, if Hulu has 4 or 5 years of exclusive access to content, it will give the new owners, according to the current argument is YAHOO, enough time to create a huge user base, which makes it become a real leader in the field of paid content and advertising.

a source pointed out that Disney CEO Bob · (Bob) has been hoping Google or Microsoft to acquire Hulu Iger. Bloomberg reported that Amazon is also interested in Hulu. These three companies are very strong funds, enough to buy a higher price than YAHOO to buy Hulu.

market believes that Google is very likely to bid for Hulu. Google’s cash is sufficient to carry out the acquisition of billions of dollars, and Google is very interested in the sale of the content of the brand advertising. In addition, Google also plans to spend $100 million for its own video site YouTube pay content.

however, if Google’s acquisition of Hulu will face two major damage, one is the anti monopoly problem, this problem has led to a number of Google’s acquisition agreement abortion, the other one is worried about the acquisition of Hulu will be Google Hulu now has the use of. Amazon also has sufficient funds, and played their own reputation in the entertainment industry, it will probably ultimately only in Hulu exclusive content access after the end decided to bid for streaming TV shows and movies access.

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