The nformation Office of the State Council published the white paper on China’s nternet situation

Internet is the crystallization of human wisdom, a major scientific and technological invention in twentieth Century, an important symbol of contemporary advanced productive forces. The Internet has a profound influence on the development of the world economy, politics, culture and society, and promotes the transformation of social production, life and information communication.

China’s State Council Information Office 8, issued a "China’s Internet situation," the white paper. The white paper pointed out that the government is fully aware of the Internet China irreplaceable role in accelerating the development of the national economy, promoting scientific and technological progress and accelerate the process of social service information, attaches great importance to and actively promote the development and use of the internet.

white paper, introduced the basic situation of the development of the Internet China, that Chinese government basic policies on the Internet and basic views on relevant issues, and the international community to help the public understand China the true situation of the internet.

white paper is divided into preface, to promote the development and popularization of the Internet, promoting the extensive use of the Internet and the protection of citizens’ freedom of speech on the Internet, the management of basic principles and practices of Internet, Internet security protection, and actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation, concluding part, all about 13000 words.

said the white paper, the government Chinese Internet development as promoting national informatization construction, realize the scientific development of economy and society, an important measure to improve the innovation ability and the quality of people’s life; actively create a conducive to the development of the Internet policies, regulations and market environment; by improving the national information network infrastructure, the construction of national information network engineering, encourage the development of science and technology, vigorously develop information technology talents cultivation, the diversification of information communication service market and other initiatives, continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China Internet information to meet consumer demand growing.

white paper pointed out that the Chinese government strongly advocated and actively promote the development of the Internet in China and widely used. With the rapid development and popularization of Internet in China, people’s production, work, study and life style have begun and will continue to undergo profound changes. China has become the world’s most populous country in the world.

white paper said that the construction, use, management of the Internet, the relationship between national economic prosperity and development, the relationship between national security and social harmony, the relationship between national sovereignty, dignity and fundamental interests of the people. Active use, scientific development, management according to law, to ensure safety is the basic Internet policy of the Chinese government. The Chinese government has always adhered to the management of the Internet in accordance with the law, is committed to creating a healthy and harmonious internet environment, to build a more credible, more useful, more conducive to economic and social development of the internet.

white paper said that the Chinese government will continue to improve the development and management of the Internet policy to make it more in line with the development of the Internet and the internal management of the law and the objective needs. In practice, the Chinese government attaches great importance to learn from the experience of developing and managing the Internet, and is willing to work with other countries to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the internet.


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