and my site adhere to the truth

      Liupanshui windows on life concern Liangdu………

      before I write the following, I would like to thank a few people, without them nor my today!

      Telecommunications Bureau Li Xiaodan teacher has the opportunity to contact WEB, maintain the local information port.

      3http webmaster Lord Li Jiang in the original are also HTML times, teach me how to do what the design effects!

      5iPS webmaster   Wang Junkai   often give me modify the program, taught me a lot of things!

      total   I was in a difficult time, give me a part-time online, so that I have the protection of life.

        now has been closed door practice; technical adviser to me, really to do a lot of things, if not for his help, I think I can do these things, said he did not exaggerate the point, I did not today.

      I am not what technology, in the peer inside the eye, I am just a rookie, often ask such problems, they are not patience to explain to me, give me support, people cannot forget, should thank you must thank the compensation you must compensate, this is my principles!

      2000 I began to do stand, ups and downs, do the site to the highest IP station is about 40 thousand IP, at least one day 20, but each site running time is not long enough, I think the longest is my present on this website. 2 years time! 7 years to do chat rooms, rivers and lakes. Has not been a good site positioning. So for some time, these sites are dead. Until I came back from the total Yantai cattle, I began to try to do a local portal, I have a good relationship between the local Internet cafe owners, with some traffic, but also has some visibility! Some individual units have come to me to do, and do some things on the internet. This is part of the funding and personnel relations. I started buying my own server. This is the middle of the sad bitter have many people to experience. Family, career, life feeling a lot, it does not explain!

      in a word, if you can not insist, then you do what is false, only insist on doing to develop!


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