Overseas exposure 11 com domain purchase price 3 million 340 thousand RMB win

It is reported,

news October 27th, precious digital domain 11.com days before the Chinese people overseas bought today the price of overseas exposure, according to DN Journal revealed that the domain name trading price of 525000 dollars, about 3 million 340 thousand yuan, the annual 2 digital 11.com is the high price of known.Com domain domain name.

October 25th, the domain name Forum Post said 11.com domain was meters for overseas acquisitions, people’s attention, after the information channel query data confirmed and related reports, the industry rumors 11.com domain buyers for Liu Yi, he had earlier sold 55.com domain name to Wo Wo Group, then square pass 55.com domain name trading price of millions, the current domain name information display holder Justin, when users have estimated the 11.com domain name trading price of millions of dollars should be.


map: domain name information

11.com is one of the world’s only 10, 2 character.Com stack digital domain very valuable, the overseas trading platform 11.com announced the transaction amount, transaction price of more than 3 million, is indeed precious! It is understood that the current 11 other mainstream suffixes such as 11.cn/.com.cn/.net already registered a domain name space.

the buyers to more than 3 million yuan price with the 11.com domain, the purpose of concern, 11.com domain owners want to site use or investment? However, no matter how buyers, a precious 2 digital domain by Chinese people win is worth to congratulate.

is currently the world’s only 10 2 character.Com stack and application of digital domain of Chinese holdings also accounted for a few places, such as the Wo Wo Group 55.com, 55 life mall comprehensive information platform of 88.com, micro-blog 22.com, in last year’s acquisition of 44.com, this year the Chinese people 33.com and other overseas acquisitions.

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