Network 7 years ‘m still a webmaster

      7 years of network career, there are many want to want to cry. Many previous friends have left the network, and I am still in the virtual world to weave their dreams, although every day on the Internet and everybody laughing and talking ridicule, but often feel lonely, the network has become my whole life, and relatives and friends to go farther and farther, I often feel now life is a dream, but do not know when to wake up the dream.

     , 2000 spring festival, is my life can not forget the day, that day is the first day of my official contact with the network, that day I applied for the first mailbox, the first QQ, the first personal homepage. From that day on a get out of hand, these 7 years, I almost half of the time to face the computer, although the middle also tired, also had to give up the idea, but eventually persevered, attractive to me network has more than anything in the past!

      what did I do in the last 7 years? I don’t want to do anything, just remember to go to many places, met a lot of people. What did I create in 7 years? Not see. Money did not earn, but spent a lot. Almost twenty-one, or nothing, the students have been working for several years, and I have never had a formal job. After 7 years of website, did not make a website can be proud of, all of them (Imperial Development) is rubbish station, even do not want to open it, although I think I can do well, do better, but I do it? No,

      many people envy me so free, but free years of my ambition to kill all day, Lanlansansan, work efficiency is low, the spirit is not centralized, accustomed to such a life, cause now don’t give others work, I can’t afford to give others the pressure, but can not tolerate the superior the accused.

      circle is getting bigger and bigger, but fewer and fewer friends, there are not a few real friends, friendship in front of the benefits seem so pale. I really want to go back to the past, back to the students that I have no desire. In fact, my heart has not changed, I have been working in the noisy earth to adhere to their own one indifferent, several people around the whole day walk in various places of entertainment, so I feel they were walking away. They look cool, but are they really happy? They have been in the contradiction between desire and morality all day long, but have lost a very important thing after they have been short of happiness. I was sad to see that they were often weaving some lies to deceive the people closest to them, and I felt pity for the others who had been cheated. In fact, nothing, people do not live all day in the deception? Everyone has a mask of hypocrisy.


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