Chinese video website a Japanese man mad to buy 100 thousand in silver soul

U.S. media said that due to China’s video site needs more content, the government to increase efforts to combat piracy, as well as the emergence of a large number of fans, China is promoting the prosperity of the Japanese animation industry.

according to the United States, "Wall Street journal" website reported on December 18th, Gao Jiaqi (sound) is a 27 year old makeup artist in Wenzhou, from a young age began to watch Japanese animation. Love her master "and" slam dunk "One Piece" and other works.

Gao Jiaqi said: "the Japanese anime style is beautiful, the plot is always full of imagination and twists and turns." She is also interested in the role of the anime theme.

according to the latest data from the Japan Animation Association, foreign sales of Japanese anime show, compared with 2014 last year soared 79% to reach 34 billion 900 million yen (about 2 billion 65 million yuan). The trade group says China accounts for more than half of sales growth.


reported that the Japanese animation has been popular in China for decades, but the Japanese animation creators did not earn a lot of money, until the Chinese government began a few years ago to combat piracy.

Japanese advertising agency Dentsu group media and animation investors branch executives Nishida Masaki (sound) said in Beijing: "China all video sites used to play pirated content."

said the Chinese government’s crackdown on piracy has changed the situation. Another reason for the strong sales of animation in China is that they are not subject to restrictions on the quota of foreign drama.

West said that the lack of government intervention means that the animation film can often be released simultaneously in China and Japan, further reducing the risk of piracy.

Japanese anime Chinese buyers, including Youku potatoes and Tencent video and other video sites.

Japanese anime audience young, very active in the social media, Youku potatoes animation department director Ge Yang said, the audience is very loyal to the program they watch".

reported that industry insiders said that China’s imports of Japanese animation may slam brakes.

Ge Yang said that for the sake of insurance, his company is changing the strategy, that is, with the help of Japanese talent, the production of more original content.

reported that the competition for the popular anime pushed up the price. China video website executives, science fiction series "silver soul" to sell a set of $100 thousand each in half an hour. But with the "house of cards" and other reality series than still pale into insignificance by comparison, the latter to sell a set of $5 million in Chinese.

University of Tokyo PhD Chen Yan (sound) has published a speech in China and Japanese animation, Chen Yan said: "China video website now almost all new animation content in trying to, as long as not too yellow too violent."

China video site is currently mainly through advertising to make money, but also gradually >

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