Cloud platform vulnerabilities shell network were unknown DDoS attacks


technology news news July 8th, barrage video site AcFun, well-known vulnerabilities platform site cloud and shell network today have been unknown DDoS attacks, there are different degrees of access failure.

this afternoon, the video site AcFun barrage earliest official micro-blog emergency announcement, said the current server is under attack, the station operations hampered to varying degrees, are resolved in a timely manner.

subsequently, the domestic well-known vulnerabilities platform site cloud official micro-blog also announced that it was unknown DDoS attacks.

evening, shell network also announced in the official micro-blog was a large-scale DDoS attacks, but did not affect the normal access to temporary sites. Close to midnight shell network once again announced that the attack has been temporarily stopped, programmers continue defense.

distributed denial of service (DDoS:Distributed Denial of Service) attack refers to the aid of client / server technology, multiple computers together as an attack platform, DDoS assault on one or more targets, so as to increase the power of denial of service attacks. Usually, an attacker using a stolen account will DDoS master program installed on a computer, in a set time master program with a large number of agent communication, many computer agents have been installed in Internet on. When an agent receives an instruction, it attacks. Using client / server technology, the master program can activate hundreds of thousands of agents in a few seconds. (Li Wei)

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