One week news review WeChat will put a circle of friends and other fish live platform was checked

1 from the portal to the electricity supplier every family to do the headlines they can become  ?

is suitable for the needs of many people, but not everyone

in China today, you’ve had a hard time getting rid of the headlines". Here is not the Beijing Shanghai airport, subway, public transportation, buildings in the dense look at today’s headlines advertising.

open the latest version of the Tencent news, the first appearance of Tencent is no longer the news of their own writing, but with the "crying halo", "small three" title. Their signature is also the author of the company name, XX micro signal, health class account. Tencent is the last of the four portals to do so.

2 in the Department of Jin, E, after the fall of the rent treasure thinking

some time ago to rent the E treasure, Pan Asian events is not over, and a ten billion financial company in Shanxi fell. We must ask, who is in Shanxi? What is his management? The fall will give people financing which sounded the alarm? But we also want to explore: why is there such a high frequency of financial companies fell in Chinese which bring big events, the impact on the economic and financial China what? What is the origin of the


first, the story broke

in April 6th, around 15 pm, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog police train – Shanghai release called "Shanghai public security investigation of alleged illegal deposits from the public and illegal fund-raising fraud" in Shanxi "associated company" announcement. Notice that, in April 4, 2016, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps according to reports in Pudong, Huangpu, Jingan, on suspicion of illegal deposits from the public and illegal fund-raising fraud in China Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. is (hereinafter referred to as the country’s holding group), in the management of Shanxi equity investment fund (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai in Jin an equity investment fund limited company of "Jin" associated with the company were investigated, the actual control of Xu Qin and others at the airport intercepted by police officers on the spot in the preparation of the exit, the rest more than 20 core members of the organization in April 5th have all been arrested.

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in the Department of Jin, E, after the fall of the thinking of  ,

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run away in Jin and E, they rent treasure pan and third party payment have any common gate?  

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from E to the Department of treasure in the Department of treasure no one had to reflect on their greed  

3.P2P company spokesman Huang Xiaoming collapse should "scapegoat" < >

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