Secret Nora shut down the server Reason because the government is carrying out the anti pornography

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media secret Nora shut down the server Reason: because the government is carrying out the "anti pornography net net 2014

·" Tianjin April 17th

new media news title: Nora why suddenly shut down the server? Jurisprudence phenomenon was criticized by

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Lin "Chinese network in

16 evening, two bursts of video software Nora announcement, said the company has started business model transformation, transformation of original content from genuine technology. To this end, Nora will clean up the contents of the contents of the pirated content, close qvod server, stop Nora technology-based video on demand and download. "Found Chinese network in reporter survey, our software has been in the dissemination of pornographic videos and pirated video suffered condemnation. Just download the Nora software in the app store, share and view of users sharing porn videos can be smoothly. Experts interviewed said, should immediately check network, find out system and vacuum blind has similar software on the mobile terminal management, laws and regulations and the Department to launch the relevant regulations to prevent the invasion of pornography youth groups.

Nora pornographic content implies harm to young people’s physical and mental health

Secure Internet users

China youth network, Communication University of China jointly China Youth Network Association released the "report" shows that the people under the age of 18 contact with pornography information was 38%, about 22% of the minors are actively searching for pornography.


shut down the server in Nora company, reporters found that our company is very "in the spread of yellow film in a flagrant way". The reporter through the Apple App store to download the software, in addition to conventional video search, there is a "push" option, just press a button to enter a "push room" in the chat room by pushing its own terminal inside the video can be shared by other watch friends, in addition to a small number of conventional films, the vast majority of users are sharing pornographic videos in the network, the conditions allow, after a short buffer can smooth viewing.


reporter also found that this software can be found in the search area and a large number of pirated videos prohibit release. Jia Zhangke’s works of "heaven" has not yet been released, but the reporter was.

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