Minon domain 3 letter words domain name trading market rose to become the mainstream investment

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) March 16th news, recently, the 3 letter domain name frequently traced to the transaction, vvv.com and szp.com respectively in the overseas sold for $136400 (about 850 thousand yuan), $18109 (about 110 thousand yuan) price of 140 thousand yuan, Li Mei sold dyq.com, fff.net, qpz.cn, jbw.cn, xcw.cn have been trading. 3 letter domain name trading market, to become the mainstream of investment, and now we have to listen to the domain name investors are how to look at it.

3 letter domain potential

figure: 3 letter domain name

3 letter domain name, simple and easy to remember, meaning many, establishment of unrestricted, many domain name in the eyes of investors, is a good product phase, with the investment potential of the good domain, especially in the 2 letter domain name COM universal million started, high current, with 7 figures with the best 2 letter domain name wx.com Benz believes that "3 letters should still have more potential for the future of the market is not too high, meaning more. 2 letters have been 4489 start, the three letter is really a good choice".

2 letters last year rose too high, and slowly will slow down, but it will accelerate this year’s 3 letters with the acceleration of Li sister (micro signal: talijas). Indeed, the 2 letter domain collective outbreak last year, continuous burst million transactions, make a public domain name investors, can not afford to buy the feeling and at the same time, also turned to the relatively cheaper, and the quality of the product phase is also 3 letter domain name. In the domain of the circle of fast gunmen, said Muji, said 3 letters and 3 numbers, such as domain names, whether it is COM or CN, there is a reasonable price range, suitable for beginners. Compared to other varieties, moderate price, good grasp of the future will certainly rise slowly."

"2 letter CN/COM now prices are relatively high, not suitable for the majority of investors for investment; 4 letters of CN/COM plate is too large, a large number of years, but the price has been tepid; and the 3 letter CN/COM is different, relative to the previous 2 belongs to secondary market, we can get started operations, and brief and only three letters, a variety of application rate is relatively high, relatively the love terminal and investors, the profit is considerable, from the current trend, the next three letters CN/COM prices will continue to rise, now just a small peak." Had to sell the price of 3 million 880 thousand yuan to spend only $8000 acquisition of the domain name of the captain of the investor (WeChat: 818020) also affirmed the market name of the 3 letter.

3 letter domain by terminal welcome

at present, the 3 letter domain name market has been recognized as a fact, but the reason for this, in addition to the impact of the domain name by the letter of the alphabet, the terminal is also favored by the 3 letter domain name line >

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