Daily topic drops and quick merger target throughout the taxi market subsidies continue to issue

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 26th news, drops and quick consolidation is undoubtedly the focus of most attention recently, people become the focus of discussion at leisure! The 20 million day war before taxi subsidies because the money is capricious? The future will continue to subsidize it also free taxi


seems to be specially selected in February 14th Valentine’s day announced by Alibaba holdings of fast taxi and Tencent holdings of drops of taxi business will be consolidated. For users concerned about whether or not to subsidize the concerns, drops and fast together sounding position that the subsidies for the red envelopes of passengers and drivers will continue to pay. Prior to this, the new company president Liu Qing also pointed out: the Internet travel market space and imagination is still huge, the market is still in a period of rapid growth. After the merger of the two companies, still need to release a large number of subsidies to support the market." But the statement did not specify the amount of subsidies, whether there will be changes in the scale.

industry insiders believe that the two companies in the market for more than two years of development, gathered a large number of new and old users. New users to be nurtured, old users need to enhance the viscosity, strengthen the use of habits. Therefore, continue to contribute to the red envelopes to help maintain and expand the user groups.

"fast" and "drops" after the merger will share a total of 99% of China’s taxi market share, but this is equivalent to China’s total share of the taxi market of $15%. Fast and drops earlier said that the two sides will remain after the merger of their own brands and independent operations, in addition to the new company will also take the joint CEO system, respectively, the management of two brands.

Fast and drops

throughout the business, the taxi software opponent is actually "Yang Zhao" and user habits of long-term formation, and the competition in the field of car has already entered into the "fighting stage of Warring States period", the gradual rise of the carpool, bus plus related intelligent travel business, fast and drops will face from the inside to the outside of all aspects of the challenge.


drops fast after the new company no longer price war can save a lot of manpower and financial resources, these resources can be transformed into envelopes subsidies to let users and drivers, also can be put into technological innovations, such as data integration, data through two companies, in order to push the accuracy is expected to improve, the user can quickly hit the car, the driver can receive more high-quality orders, this is a win-win results.

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