Google spoof Baidu feel

Recently, the network media, QQ group to spread Google spoof Baidu funny video.


      video imitation of CCTV news in the form of a 17 minute "news" have appeared in the "Baidu company", which spread to "suffer" poison, "24 individual stationmaster collective irrational ban paid for" Google, "China Southern grassroots organizations actively help" the poison agent "members of the organization transformation and achieved remarkable results" Baidu "news satire".

    this spoof reminds me of a few years ago, Baidu has just launched the "Baidu know" to combat Google video ads, are quite classic advertising war.

    but this time the Google seems to be a little bit, in my impression, Google is attached great importance to the copyright and care about decent gentleman image, such a spoof, with the usual style is very different.

    according to the design of hundreds of people in the video shows and dozens of professional scene, is undoubtedly a carefully planned works, and a large number of scene is the Beijing Office of Google, it can be said that even if the Google is not planning to default Google.

    if so, caused big trouble, the first is for Baidu’s malicious attacks are likely to trigger a dispute, I think Baidu will not sit idly by, completely indifferent. However, Baidu is not only in the whole video, in reference to the large number of the copyright issues in the classic movie and a well-known brand advertisement, and even use CCTV news programs such as the subject of political background, but also appeared many times in the lines of politically sensitive words. These are likely to allow foreign countries to comply with the law of the Google in China to provoke lawsuits.

    as for the further development of this matter, we come together to pay attention to!

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