Jiangsu 90 guy hit a picture of the site was sold on the 10 million A round of financing

Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurs must first understand what they are doing, this is very critical. Because you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know what your customers or users need. Want to understand what their customers need, we must consider how to form a difference with others. The same demand, you can do better than others? Identified a thing, we must stick to it. You may not immediately succeed, entrepreneurship needs to adhere to, but not the kind of persistence, but a continuous improvement of the stick.

this is an entrepreneur.

small entrepreneurial middle school create a personal website, want to do a video search engine, junior career started, there have been tens of millions of financing…… After 90 Xu Mingjun is the chairman of a Internet Co, his picture sales site Eput is committed to creating the country’s largest image platform selling quality.

recently, Xu Mingjun with this project to participate in this year’s Jiangsu SME innovation contest. On the court, he and his 90 team to make the scene of the judges in front of a bright. He showed a different general confidence. If it is not the personality of the white T-shirt, black backpack, almost forget that he is only a boy of 20 years old".

in the competition before the Xu Mingjun project has achieved good results: in 2013, just a senior he earned millions of dollars for domestic and foreign joint capital injections; in 2014, the international well-known venture capital IDG again inject millions of dollars, the company completed a A round of financing.

"I was born for the internet." He said.

, even if there is a lot of rejection does not matter, there will certainly be accepted

"I’ve always loved the internet." When it comes to their entrepreneurial story, this is the first sentence Xu Mingjun throw.

early in the middle school, Xu Mingjun started to make their own personal website, he sees it as a minor". After entering the University, he felt he could do a formal thing, to focus on the value of creative projects.

is in a beginning of life for the first time start to try, "want to do a video search engine, can finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. After the bottleneck, I would like to practice, to see how others do." Sophomore summer vacation, Xu Mingjun alone came to Beijing, want to go all the network practice. But because the practice time is too short and other factors, finally wasted.

"I told my parents that I would come to Beijing to find a job." He thought of another way to defeat: since not practice, then go to see the Internet Co "big brothers". Fearless, Xu Mingjun confession by micro-blog private messages, e-mail to the founder of several large Internet Co were".

"don’t always think big brother is difficult, to hold another"

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