Suning cross border electricity supplier to come and now there are little goods

mobile phone buy buy buy application folder, one may not be enough.

Suning purchased overseas business online for nearly a year, now finally launched a mobile phone application alone. This is called "small sea lion" App currently only iPhone version of apple App Store officially launched in October 10th.

The application of

in only a few dozen in the sale of goods, to milk, diapers and other baby products in the category of the most abundant, in addition to beauty and health care products, bags and several special mobile phone and digital stores daily under the category of goods, there is no sales status display. A way of delivery overseas direct mail and domestic bonded warehouse delivery two.

users can use, Suning stores account directly log in, you can register the separate small sea lions account. Despite the recent Suning and Alibaba has announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation, and no small sea lion will Alipay into the choice of payment method. Users can only use the real name authentication has been easy to pay PayPal account payment order to provide customs clearance tax information required identity.


small sea lion App


goods can not count more than

July 2014, Suning set up a cross-border electricity supplier project group, formally launched on the purchase of overseas operations is from the end of 2014. In the past this time, Su Ninghai purchased the "proprietary platform for overseas direct mining + investment" model, a special channel has been on-line, including the European Museum, Korea Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, the pavilion and Laox recently joined the flagship store in Hongkong.

not long ago in Shanghai, "Su ningyun shop, we also saw the sea set specifically for the purchase of goods experience area, subject to the policy limit, consumers can not buy the spot directly, but need to scan two-dimensional code, and then through the website of orders.

do not know in Suning plans to open more stores in the cloud ", whether to experience the District of goods will point to the" small sea lions "buy? According to the small sea lion is not rich category, that may not be the case.

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