After the first community mall out of the electricity supplier out of the predicament

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 4th reported

Children’s Day just passed, focus on maternal and child class electricity supplier, Jingdong, Tmall, a number of stores and other traditional electronic business platform "low drainage" marketing war is still staged.

At the same time,

began to break the network in the past to commodity sales as the core driver model, change to take the media as the core driving the customer value of the new model of curing the network interconnection.

in the current vertical maternal and child electricity providers have been in trouble on the occasion, positioned as the socialization of maternal and child electricity supplier Bei network, whether to take advantage of the media resources out of a new road.

media resources and community play

last week, 2014 queen of the internet report pointed out that consumers watch TV while also using mobile devices for shopping. This "TV + mobile online shopping mode has great imagination, especially the two or three lines of the city, because the TV user groups, the line can choose the brand of TV online shopping less, pulling effect is very good, this is the focal point of shellfish network cross cut maternal and child electricity supplier.

in April this year, shellfish network officially launched, is the founder of both media, retail and three electricity supplier experience Meishan, worked in Hunan economic TV and Martha Marceau.

"with the Jingdong and Ali grow, these platform winner takes all, if you still follow the traditional single line on the old road to the electricity supplier, is tantamount to death. Because the flow, logistics, supply chain is a new board short board." Start at the beginning, shellfish network founder Meishan decided to follow the "new style mall + content + community", the first community mall, price war, walking the fine line, the location of target population 25-34 years old middle class fashion hot mom.


level in the traffic, because shellfish network by CNR media group joint strategic investment, behind with mainstream TV resources, through the media of emotional resonance caused by the user into electricity supplier purchasing power.

in May this year, the preparation of the television network to prepare the TV shopping program, spicy mom flash to help on-line Shenzhen children’s channel. At present, shellfish network has signed the host Li Xiang as a spokesperson, 12 TV, 10 terrestrial channels, 2 stalls, 4000 minutes of maternal and child columns of TV advertisements, the national network of media and mobile new media resources to be integrated.

in the idea of Mei Shan, Bei Bei network will rely on media resources, the TV screen, mobile phone screen, computer screen and pan media network linkage, and finally out of a socialized mother and child electricity supplier road.

however, the social electricity supplier has been a challenge to become the scene of differentiation in the pseudo demand, because the SNS flagship social, electricity providers focus on consumption, two applications are two different scenarios. But mother and ordinary goods compared with particularity, on the one hand, a variety of new mom and dad on the pregnant solution to the lack of understanding; on the other hand, the whole society is the rise of the new birth mother’s idea, based on the community "

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