April 22nd Baidu search results page adjustment

                        Web admin5.com April 22nd morning news, according to the network owners enthusiastic users reflect, Baidu search results page made some adjustments.


                  web editor in Baidu search "in addition to the 4 promotion of customized ringing tone" page, there are 10 search results on Baidu search before April 21st, only 6 search results. The search of "entrepreneurship" "join" and other popular promotion words, in front of 10 promotional content, there are 10 natural ranking results, the first page until April 22nd when a user searches for these terms and see all promotional content, page second. It is the real natural ranking. Although the content of these adjusted page looks a bit more, read the content of the page takes a long time for users in a short period of time also can not adapt, but the Baidu adjustment is both for the majority of Internet users or the webmaster friends, can be said to be more humanized step.

                  according to the analysis of the results of Baidu Adsense nets adjustment system may be related to phoenix nest system and Baidu launched in April 20th, Baidu announced the release of its search for the promotion of the professional version of Phoenix Nest, and April 22nd is just the Baidu update the search rankings time, so the different search results.

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