Alert passion movie on the fraud of more than 500 people cheated thousands of netizens

The number of

customers can open? During the interview, the reporter learned that, at present, eyeing a liar network vulgar this "fat", a pornographic film as bait Kengren money. Netizens in the chat network of friends and Kobayashi, a window pops up on the screen "sex movie let you know the taste of happiness", "in accordance with the instructions, step by step until Kobayashi entered, appeared on the website" please send 105 to 10661518× × × × account "," each charge 3 yuan". At this point, curiosity has driven Kobayashi can not think too much, let alone a mere 3 yuan, he decided to send a text message with a cell phone.

soon, mobile phone SMS came: "please reply, upgraded to become gold member," Kobayashi immediately did, so repeated 7 times, Kobayashi finally became a member of diamond, and get a link address and account number, password, this time he has spent 21 yuan. After entering the link, the page quickly replaced into a more attractive picture, indicating Kobayashi download movies. Can try a few times, click on the results of the download is not the page can not be opened is a long time is open".

then, Shanghai police network in the daily routine inspection, found the pornographic video download link is very suspicious, eventually locked to the "rich alliance" website, in fact, the site does not have a passion for movies, just more than a week, the daily amount of fraud has reached more than 1000 yuan, more than 500 people cheated users. Involved in a number of provinces and cities.

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