Brand positioning and channel construction of medical network marketing

in the era of the brand is king, you want a steady stream of patients, to create a good brand of your hospital. Similarly, this is also a channel for the king era, channel construction is critical. The author of the medical network marketing in the hospital brand positioning and channel construction for some discussion.

is now the private hospital is a specialist hospital in the world, whether it is three, two hospitals, private hospitals or professional departments, or with the cooperation of the military hospital departments are located in the special project. So what is the biggest factor for a patient to choose a hospital, not your health care program, but your brand, unless it says that the national health care program is only for you. As an aside, NOKIA recently acquired by Microsoft, many consumers have said, do not want to replace the NOKIA brand, although Microsoft mobile phone may do better, but they just like NOKIA, this is the strength of the brand; similarly, some public hospital patients to the flows, is the truth.

specialist hospital brand positioning is generally divided into 2 kinds, one is the medical project positioning, one is to service positioning. Medical project positioning is more XX (Department) hospital, the Beijing as the only grade three skin disease hospital has the power, such as the Ministry of Health approved the only professional gynecology hospital, with less strength such as Beijing key andrology hospital, Beijing’s most popular male, such as. There is a service location, that is based on prominent medical projects, with high-end positioning, such as family harmony, Wuzhou women’s hospital.

then adopt what kind of reasonable? Mentioned, there are three level and two level hospital, military cooperation department, and plastic surgery hospital, medical hospital, positioning ways to integrate the characteristics of the hospital to start, at the same time, but also with different diseases and.

we said that ordinary users of the disease compared to consider the price, you can locate the high-end, you can also locate the low-end. For example, gynecology, male, these diseases are very wide. The low end of the face of a number of working groups, low-income groups; and high-end for some white-collar workers, business owners, high-quality life seekers. Is it important for you to have a medical project here? It is important that you have a basic knowledge of the expert, equipment, therapy, and efficacy. The most important is that you must have the high-end positioning in the high-end quality, here I oppose some hospital casual positioning in the high-end low-end, your hospital does not have the grade, a high-end positioning you what? Some hospital building is very small, which is also the general decoration, not because of a few experts, there are several good equipment set in the high-end. We can think about the inevitable combination of luxury, high-end gorgeous, must enjoy, so must be positioned in the high-end hospital environment, hospital environment to keep up with the grade of service is to keep up with, can sound like the best five star hotel standards.

but not all environmental service high grade hospitals can positioning high-end, plastic surgery hospital is generally so demands, but if you do this is a tumor Difficult miscellaneous diseases. "

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