Ali nail business formally launched The staff called the car ticket ordering a fix


, nail 3 released more than and 20 days today, Ali nail held in Beijing "open temperature work conference, announced officially launched the enterprise services for enterprises to provide users a nail ordering, cars, travel, health, social security and other services. The use of nails, all of the above services, can be completed within one nail APP.

According to the introduction of

, spent more than 3 months nail enterprise service plan preparation, service access not only includes the work scene, eat live, also including employees based on physical examination, social services, legal services, recruitment and other enterprise services.

travel without loaning, do not stick invoice

nail on the travel service provider is Ali travel, Chen Hang invited vice president Zheng Weibin Ali travel together on stage, demonstrates how to use a nail on the "Ali travel tickets, hotel. Demonstrate the interface, the interface and business travel booking travel reservation interface Ali is very similar, very easy to use.

Ali had employees have been enjoying this convenient and efficient function, all travel, official vehicles and other functions can be quickly completed in the mobile phone terminal, fees paid by the company, employees completely from the travel pad money, post invoice and settling out of trouble. The function attracted some outside friends envy.

Why can’t

to share it with all the China enterprises? Chen Hang said the nail has been doing is to share and altruism, travel service is the enterprise market good incision, so Ali decided to travel and hit it off, share this service to enterprises of all nail nail.


staff no longer have underwritten, but also eliminates the attached invoice, accounts reimbursement troubles, accounts are transparent." Chen Hang said, more than a nail enterprise involved in the function of the beta, applauded from the boss to employees.

according to reports, in the price cost, "Ali business" originally big companies can enjoy the travel agreement price, inclusive to nail all users of enterprise, the company will effectively reduce travel costs.

Ali is expected to travel, within half a year, nail there will be nearly 50 enterprise organizations use "Ali business", output quite amazing GMV, thus, "Ali business" will become the business travel Ali strategic level plate. The nail will become after Taobao Tmall, Alipay, Ali travel is another important traffic entrance.

business will enjoy more discounts


conference is another highlight is hungry access to the nail business dinner, Chen Hang invited hungry senior vice president Luo Yulong demoed ordering function, the afternoon tea is the scene of the guests.

Chen Hang said that employees work meal quality, which is the important standard of humanized management, not only to eat, but also eat, because it is related to the health of employees.

nailed enterprise dining interface, open hungry meal after operation and.

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