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June 16th, China vice president Zhou anchor confirmed to the DoNews network, the company will provide all the virtual host user deployment of independent IP, is expected to be completed before the Olympic games.

anchor said the week, the company has started from 2 months ago for the virtual host user with independent IP, has now completed about 70%, is expected to be completed before the olympics.

reporter learned from a number of websites hosting users share one IP address, if there is a violation of the relevant provisions (such as suspected pornography) was shut down, other sites on the server may also be affected. Independent IP can circumvent this problem, and is conducive to SEO, so that the site is easier to search engines crawl.   the current Admin5 agent under the virtual host all types 2 and type are also achieved independent IP

What is the

network     IP?   civilink is in the process of technological transformation for the near future, virtual host the user is equipped with an independent IP address. We all know that virtual host users are many websites share one IP address, if a violation of the relevant provisions (the silly X a yellow website) was shut down, other sites on the server virtual host will also be affected. The independent IP but can avoid this problem, and is very conducive to the optimization of the site (SEO), so that the site is easier to search engine grab, and get good rankings. For the future promotion of the website can play some role!

      media;; in June 26th, according to the network virtual host the user deployment of independent IP, has expressed concern about the industry experts, "the possibility of breaking the IDC industry has formed more than and 10 years of competition in order to make an already difficult life more difficult for those small IDC service providers, and even the formation of monopoly situation".


experts, IDC web hosting services network in the industry has a good reputation, occupy a very large share, but because the price is expensive than other IDC enterprises many, many individuals in despair, it also gives small IDC companies to compete on price leaving space. A lot of small IDC companies will put the server into telecommunications, Netcom hosting can open the door to do business, with low prices to attract a large number of personal webmaster, this part of the market is very large.

"now nets engage the independent IP, the individual stationmaster is also a favorable to attract, many IDC companies did not have so many IP resources, to continue to retain customers, unless the price continues to."

of the people very worried that if everyone followed on million net independent IP, estimated only for the IDC service providers currently relatively strong strength of several of the few can afford.

According to the introduction of

network, in addition to independent IP web site to avoid "a"

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