Tmall double 11 and then a big move the bill can be divided in a year


"double 11" and then a big move. This year, double 11 the same day, Tmall installment purchase will launch the 11 phase of the 0 installment service. This means that consumers can not only zero down payment to buy the goods, the bill can take more than a year’s time, but also no fees.


installment purchase business by ant micro loan (formerly Ali small loan) joint development of Tmall, which according to the consumption data of real user computing installment purchase amount, the user can credit consumption.

at present, the general choice of Tmall staging has 3, 6, 9, of which, the fee for the 3 phase is zero. Then, the "11 0 fee" support commodity will focus on coverage of Tmall Electric City and home decoration and other categories of goods, including Haier, TCL, Midea, PHILPS, Braun and other domestic brands as well as many small appliances and digital 3C brands, such as iPhone 6 "Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper" is essential.

friends joke, Tmall in the "double 11" internationalization, preferential commodity turns the stage various "provocative" information, Tmall installment purchase "11 0 fee" is a "double 11" to "cut the hand" warm news: take a year to pay for a day the bill, "double 11" after finally do not have to eat instant noodles every day.

smart consumers found that the purchase of Tmall with the balance of the balance of treasure, and even more earn some. If the double 11 ready to spend $10 thousand, put all the money into the balance of treasure, not only can improve the available amount of Tmall installment purchase, the proceeds also belong to their own. "Double 11" to use the Tmall installment purchase amount provided by the consumer to choose, even to the balance of treasure funds in the monthly repayment withholding, 11 months later, the bill also finished, can get 200 yuan of income. "Double 11" before the purchase of Tmall completed the Taobao, Tmall wireless client coverage. Now, regardless of consumers through the PC or mobile devices, can use Tmall staging.

to expand the coverage from the user to increase the amount of installment, as well as the introduction of ultra long period of zero fee installments, double 11 early, Tmall phased purchase moves. In the eyes of consumers concerned about consumer finance, which shows the maturity of the risk control ability behind Tmall buy. Although the essence of the purchase of Tmall is the business and business between ants and micro credit factoring business, but its core is still based on the ability of the ant micro credit data for consumer credit judgment. Ant micro credit consumer financial risk control capabilities, so that it has the ability to develop more financial products based on consumer credit.


– how to open? Need to bind a credit card?

Tmall stage does not need to bind any credit card, do not need to do the procedures for the consumer card. Consumers browse Tmall to support the staging of the product page, if you meet the qualifications of Tmall access customers, you can choose the appropriate stage, the system will automatically guide consumers to confirm the opening.


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