Ten years later Sina plans to cook a pot of a hodgepodge of blog

Abstract: if the re start Sina blog not to the user as the center, to create high quality content and enhance the product experience, with changes in the market, the development of the times, can not fully excavate the commercial value, capital will not be pro gaze, the admiration of people will only stay in the oral, will eventually become obsolete.

in the afternoon of November 30th, sponsored by Sina, 2015 Sina blog anniversary celebration and Z plan conference held in Beijing, China hotel. Ten years later, Sina blog to sail.

that’s not surprising. At the beginning of this year, Sina blog has appeared the first change – the new release and the new template. By the end of September this year, Sina blog updated its mobile client, and the last mobile terminal upgrade, it was three years ago.

official discourse in the "Z plan"


, by the ten anniversary celebration, Sina blog officially released "Z plan" business strategy and media list, hoping to upgrade through online and offline mode of operation to create a new content distribution and blogger interaction mechanism.

Why is

called "Z plan" Sina blog editor Dong Ming explained:

Z has many meanings, she is from the media, represents a major for people from the media blog upgrade plan, plan a series of actions by Z, so that people from the media get more reading numbers, fans, income, is the V account before being, then maybe is Z. She is also intelligent, on behalf of the future blog recommendation, distribution will be more intelligent, diversified, blog is no longer only rely on the editor recommended to the blogger with traffic, but allow users to organize their own content, their play up.

specifically, Sina blog from the media Z plan is divided into three parts of the operation, products, business, and another one of the whole media list". For the most part, operation part is "the importance of the mobile Internet and enhanced social attributes of the blog, the product is" blog text reading play advantage, through the new mobile phone client APP to expand the influence, is a key part of the business training of the new generation of bloggers, upgrading existing content production system ", two is" exclusive create a platform for bloggers returns, let Sina blog from the simple writing reading platform upgrade for bloggers return interactive platform". As for the "full media list", "sina will be from the media ‘Z plan’ to assess the impact of the media from one of the important basis".

"Z plan" is actually a plan to cook a pot of "hodgepodge"

Clear the planning

‘s "tall" words and behind the show, Sina announced intentions glow second spring blog ambition and ambition. But it’s not true. Sina blog can reproduce second spring for the time being, but the core idea of the Z program, we can do another interpretation.

is well known, the blog will decline, largely because of the development of the mobile Internet, the content of the form of constant change and innovation, and access to information

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