North Korea registered the first P address or take the first step in the nternet

June 11th afternoon message, according to the U.S. "New York Times" reported that in recent months, there are 1024 Internet IP address is located in the north of Pyongyang registered company, the IP address is IP distribution mechanism of International Network Information Center (NIC) specially reserved for North Korea, many years have not been touched. Today, North Korea has finally taken the first step towards the internet.

registered IP address of the company is a company located in Pyongyang, North Korea Star Joint Venture, which is part of the company’s Loxley Pacific holdings in Thailand. The Loxley Pacific has worked with North Korea on high-tech projects, and in 2002 it helped build the country’s first mobile phone network.

Loxley Pacific admits it is working on a project with the North Korean government, but the company’s head of Sahayod Chiradejsakulwong did not disclose the use of these IP addresses.

so far it is not known how North Korea will use these IP addresses. Some experts speculate that they may be used for military or government purposes. But not sure.

or break the network blockade?


IP address is the heart of the Internet connection, and every computer connected to the network needs an address to send data and receive data from the correct server and computer. There is no network connection without IP address. All of the world’s IP address by the international organization NIC (Network Information Center) is responsible for the uniform distribution, the world’s total of three such network information center.

North Korea is one of the world’s most closed areas of information, and it is now increasingly isolated on the world stage. The establishment of an Internet connection marks a major advance in the field of the Internet, but its starting point is very low, nor does it mean that North Korean citizens have freedom of information.

North Korean citizens can only use a national intranet called Kwangmyong, which was established in 2000 by the Korean computer center. The network connects universities, libraries, Internet cafes and other institutions across the country, providing web sites and e-mail services, but not with the outside world.

North Korea is now using foreign servers to disseminate information. North Korea’s Central News Agency is the official North Korean discourse agencies, its web server in japan. And its most like the official website of the government website Uriminzokkiri, server in china.

in North Korea, the Internet portal is strictly limited to the most elite society, only no more than a few thousand people can cross the border from China Netcom internet. There are foreign ministries and some companies can access the Internet through germany.

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