Rural grassroots webmaster come out of my dream

I was born in the countryside. Anxiang, a small town in Hunan. My father is a driver, I was in 90s, from an early age to live a poor life, my parents know that school is useful, but I also know that the outside world is very exciting. Otherwise, maybe today even the mouse keyboard is what may not know.

grade six in the primary school, the town opened a cafe, the first time and students go in, the boss warm hospitality, then, you can go on a QQ, chat a day, will play legend, are masters. Remember that time, QQ. Maybe we’re too backward. Now I know 98 years out of the QQ. Later in the help of friends, I learned the most popular game, "CS" that even when we the middle-aged, married young people, will be fixed time every day the "game" faint, then slowly and then hit the legendary SF.

entered the junior middle school, like people to enjoy the power has increased, what the game didn’t even touch, I found those things for me is a threat, it won’t seduce me, like "China station" hooligan said: "I don’t love others working in the provisions of the rules, why not let when the rules to their people? Unfortunately, like him, did not make the rules, but there is a new direction. Every time I see a good website, will stop here, he felt that not good, this should be put in there, but then just watch the fun. At that time, I always felt that this is high-tech, not what I play.

for the first time, to give up their studies, high school, is the last 1.2 in the class, every time I was in the lead – shame. At the beginning of the article said, dad only know that reading will be useful! Finally has to be my decision to use Baidu Search online, the provincial capital have many schools, I had no direction in Baidu exploration. Finally, I learned that a large number of software engineers, the lack of such a large number of domestic talent, once again Baidu, a large number of software engineers training center, I sank down. Hundreds of schools, from which to begin to understand? When I again in the keyboard on, I found at the home of Beida Jade Bird "". And training institutions occupy the first 10 pages of Baidu, once again to ask others, to understand that Baidu also want to live, most of the rankings are stacked with RMB. In desperation, I went to Walton Changsha prize.the. "The national IT first brand" seems to be all online advertising, in the loss of the occasion, I saw their courses, "S2 semester. The development of website system NET I smiled, do website design, website development. I decided to choose a bird.

introduced himself to the teacher for the first time: Sun Cong (Junior), 17. Hunan Changde high school, due to various reasons to drop out of school, three years old, do not play games, to Beida Jade Bird, do not have to be a software engineer, behind the teacher smiled too.

at that time, first of all, I began to understand from the domain name, was in a forum (which is specific forums, I do not know)

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