The beauty of the achievements of the T industry a new beautiful scenery

in the development of IT industry in such a raging fire today, the Internet everywhere. The Chinese people’s own website, but also presents the trend of vigorous development. On the one hand, in recent years the rapid development of the Internet, China, produced a number of technology leading Internet Co, has made outstanding achievements; on the other hand, the Internet technology gradually spread, making the industry entry threshold is reduced.

according to CNNIC data, said the total number of Chinese websites have nearly one million. In which there are a lot of personal website, and from 2002 to 2006, there have been a large number of excellent personal websites or profit, or by investment acquisitions, many tens of millions of revenue.

IT World Youth Network IT industry to rush on like a swarm of hornets, male domination, and now more and more "beautiful" figure flashed. Beautiful women are more excellent after adding to or are preparing to join this industry, among them some successful. For example, there are a number of influential women in Teng Yan’s personal homepage, fisherman’s Wharf, Feng Feiyan’s "Doug topic" etc.. Has created a group of later beauty webmaster. Women are becoming more and more important in the booming internet.

On 2008

Match 8 Women’s Day is approaching, in order to let everyone can know more about the outstanding wind color of these women owners, pay more attention to their living situation, combined with the "free host. Nine wins net net", the first business, network owners and many other websites, launched the "beautiful website show you beautiful – beautiful show station network selection activities.

it is understood that women usually have a personal website webmaster, as long as the provision of personal data, in the process experience and nine wins online site life photos can participate in "beautiful show station", in order to make the "colorful" for the attention of the public, nine wins network also specifically for this activity provides a rich prize. According to nine wins marketing network organized the event manager Yang said: "I hope that through this activity, so that the majority of users pay attention to female webmaster webmaster, caring life, and to thank the webmaster friends, especially female webmaster to cooperate alliance for two years, I hope the broad webmaster friends and users can have the entertainment activities Gongle, boring network life becomes rich and colorful, and create an Internet grand Party." Finally, he also stressed: "the world is more beautiful because there are beautiful".

although the proportion of Internet users in China has been dominated by men in 1998, the gradual development of the equal proportion of men and women. But in the IT industry is still a male dominated industry, especially those individual stationmaster a cavity blood is one of the few women in order to operate their own station is paid more than men toil. These women are like a little green in the red, adding a gorgeous color to the internet.

this "beautiful show station" campaign website:>

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