From 51 com to the top 10 of the upcoming web tribes


grab the sofa, gentie, top, on….. In the new era of the Internet is becoming the past".

changes with the change of network environment and domestic network user habits, now in micro-blog power, WeChat under the prevailing coerced, the former glory of the happy net, and so a large number of Internet virtual "tribes" are facing marginalization crisis. You can also think about it, how long did not go to the top of the bubble?

abandon BBS and SNS form of formality, the author for the inventory of the nation’s ten largest online community will be forgotten:

ranked tenth: happy network


happy network by the Beijing happy people Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2008, the user group is office white-collar. Can provide dynamic photo albums, including diaries, records, reprint, social games and other social networking tools. As of the end of June this year, happy net 140 million registered users, about 20 million monthly active users.

initially with "vegetables" and "grab spaces" game let happy net is in white collar popular, but in 2010 after the user good times don’t last long, slow growth, two years after the amount of user activity decreased to 65%. The reasons for the decline: the transformation of social networks from the social game model to build a network of people to share the emotional interaction of the social form of failure. Currently happy network is facing a transformation, the focus is hand travel.

popularity index: 7

growth index: 6

forgotten index: 3

ranked ninth: skyline



community was founded in March 1999, with the social, entertainment, sports and other topics for the formation of plate interactive platform, users interact with the post, the thread of the way. User groups covering the global Chinese Internet users, is characterized by miscellaneous. From the beginning of 2010, Tianya the old scenery gone for ever, the decline is completely unmasked. This is known as the most mature, the most active community, although it has come to its fourteenth year, but its registered users is only about 76000000, while the number of online will be maintained at around 1 million.

at the end of 2011, the end of the world community had a 40 million user information leakage accident, due to its forum users "miscellaneous", so security is a lot of user concerns. Due to the lack of technology products, Tianya gene, so to reconstruct the community pattern and products to old open new flower". Transformation of community e-commerce is the main direction of its future, in the first half has been the world’s largest online hotel booking site officially signed up to participate in overseas tourism market.

popularity index: 6

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