The first national employment rights network opened


Wenhui wholeheartedly for the national college students employment to provide legal advice, public service employment rights protection at the China University of Political Science and Law recently opened.

opening of the new employment rights network of China University of Political Science and Law relies on the rich legal talent advantage, positioning for professional consultation, public service, expert guidance, open up employment law and regulations interpretation, activism and online consultation 6 columns, to help students improve their employment in accordance with the law, protect the rights and interests of consciousness.

in recent years, with the increasing employment pressure of college students, because many students lack of common sense, labor laws, rights protection awareness is not strong and other reasons, resulting in some students suffered employment discrimination in the job, rights and interests are violated. A survey showed that 74% of college students in employment discrimination.

, vice president of China University of Political Science and Law professor Ma Kangmei on the opening ceremony to support the site of the first national "top ten" lawyers, Yue Cheng law firm Yue Cheng law experts issued special certificate on the website, she said, the construction method for the general power to support the Employment Rights Network, providing legal aid for the strong national college students employment fair. />
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