People network announced over 2 billion of the financing of the demolition of the VE to be listed i


technology news July 21st afternoon news, classified information website net today announced the completion of financing over 2 billion yuan, the founder and CEO Wang Jianshuo has confirmed plans to complete the removal of VIE, the fastest in October three new board listed.

people network revealed that the investment side, including CITIC, Su Gao cast, deep venture capital, China Construction Investment and other domestic investment institutions and strategic investors. This round of financing is mainly used to dismantle the vie structure, talent reserves and investment layout in the vertical field.

people CEO Wang Jianshuo said: choose to return to the domestic market, in line with the long-term interests of the company. First, the people’s network is C2C based classification information website, all users and businesses in the territory of the service. Second, after the removal of the VIE, the people of the network are all shareholders of the territory of investors in the domestic market to the people of the network information and resources to support more direct, conducive to the development of brand and. Third, the people’s network is the largest category of listed companies to seek information from China, listed in the territory also in line with their own interests, to get a better valuation."

it is reported that the people network has completed the demolition plan vie structure, the fastest in October landed three new board, the main board and gem stratification in the future, will take into account, we will select the one that conforms to our interests."

people network CEO Wang Jianshuo said the company currently has sufficient cash reserves, will continue to "light, ecological" strategy, the future there are three main planning: first, continue to focus on C2C information classification model, the traditional business bigger and solid. Second, pay attention to brand planning, enhance the user experience. Third, through the internal hatch and strategic investment, deep mobile and second-hand car, second-hand, the classification of the vertical field to the net ecosystem layout.

people network was founded in March 2005, is the first domestic classified information website, the business scope covers the free search and release of second-hand goods trading, the sale of second-hand car, housing rental, recruitment, dating activities, pet adoption, life service life of local information. As of February 2015, the net monthly active users billions of dollars, monthly new information over 50 million, covering 380 of the city. (Wen Dao)

data show that in 2008, people get the first round of financing from Jinsha River venture capital. At that time, Chinese Kijiji founding team and Silicon Valley venture capital institutions of Jinsha River venture capital has received most of the shares held by the eBay disk, Kijiji renamed people network". After that, the people network were on 2011, in 2013 to obtain the benchmark capital (Benchmark Capital), Capital capital (Tenaya) two rounds of financing. At the beginning of 2015 announced nearly $100 million D round of financing, led by the Far East henderson.

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