Baidu announced the completion of the Baidu literature and the perfect world trade why unpublished a

July 4th morning news, Baidu today officially announced that the strategic investment in Baidu’s business model into the perfect world literature group, the two sides will take literature as the connection point in the literary copyright business, business, investment and development, shadow tour tour video industry chain linkage and other aspects of the depth of cooperation. But the specific amount is not announced.

said Baidu, Baidu reached a strategic investment, literature will be achieved with the perfect world tour video business cooperation, enhance the operational capacity of the downstream IP, the depth of cooperation and still maintain and Baidu internal ecology.

Baidu also said that the latest move to the Baidu literature into a perfect world investment strategy is Baidu "carrier plan", the project aims to maximize the value of assets and quality potential, explore new cooperation model, and promote the prosperity and development of the content industry. From last year, the aircraft carrier program has been completed to start Baidu takeaway, 91 desktop, homework help, Baidu music, Baidu video and other projects.

is actually selling Baidu literature

actually, for Baidu literature sources to move, said Sina Technology is not a simple introduction of strategic investment, but let Baidu literature "to perfect world.

About Baidu literary prostitute perfect world news can be traced back to November 11, 2015, when Sina Technology exclusively learned Baidu literature and perfect world trade, please see the report "Baidu 1 billion 200 million perfect world literature sold for two years to earn 1 billion".

but the message has not been announced, until April 29, 2016, Wang Zhan, vice president in charge of Baidu’s literary business was expelled, the industry has continued to appear in the news: Baidu literature news will be announced.

however, when the news of the sale of Baidu literature appears again, the sale price has been from 1 billion 200 million yuan into a $1 billion".

the news to Sina said: "last year in November to complete the transaction again and again, because the transaction itself was found to have problems, the problem of processing the results we can see later, Baidu has left."

but this does not fully explain the problem of selling less, the person responded that: the other side of the relevant executives have been eyeing, the future should also have to say."

perfect world spits out to eat

in addition, the completion of the acquisition, after also means that after a lapse of 35 months, perfect world will Chinese network aspect once again eat spit back, while Baidu also in "eat a spit", packaged panda reading, Baidu bookstores and game film business, net profit of more than 800 million.

July 2013, Baidu bought and Chinese net price of 191 million 500 thousand yuan from the hands of the perfect world, Baidu and more cool and earlier with the 91 wireless Baidu 91 panda reader into integration, subject to become formally established in November 2014 of the "Baidu literature".


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