Air China website system failure passenger zero ticket official said zero yuan ticket valid

(reporter Liu Xiaoxu, She Yunqing) on the evening of July 10th, due to the short-term failure of the Air China website system, part of the passengers to buy tickets for the international airline ticket price of zero yuan, and was informed of the failure of the ticket. Yesterday afternoon at 5 o’clock, Air China released micro-blog said, due to focus on integrity, will bear the corresponding loss, that is, zero yuan ticket valid.

July 10th night at 11:30, Mr. Sun was found in the official website of air ticket sales information, from Beijing to Sydney, Bangkok, Melbourne and other several times international flights ticket prices show 0 yuan, the tax price is normal, after the point in the space flight found display for the business class". Sun said that in these international flights, Beijing to Sydney round-trip ticket price of only 2000 yuan, Beijing to Bangkok round-trip ticket price is $1132. Subsequently, Mr. Sun booked 2 tickets from Beijing to Bangkok in September 27th, the flight was CA979, and received a successful booking of mail. Around 11:50 that night, the page shows Mr. Sun to pay a success, but wait until around 12 to view, there is no $0 ticket".

sun introduced the next day at 1:30 and 6 p.m. he has received Air China customer service phone, the other said the ticket failed, passengers can apply for a refund. As of 7 points last night, Mr. Sun’s order status still shows the ticket failed.

another Guangzhou passenger said himself in the evening of 10, more than 11 also bought round-trip ticket from Guangzhou to Australia, "time is March next year, accommodation is economy class round-trip ticket as long as 2000 dollars, their successful payment fee after the order page is displayed as data cannot be the same step. Yesterday afternoon, Air China customer service staff told the site due to failure, the order is invalid, apologize to passengers, each ticket will passengers to pay 200 yuan vouchers, but passengers did not respond. Yesterday afternoon, the official website of the Air China issued the relevant information, the passenger has received a ticket information.

at 5:21 yesterday, Air China released micro-blog said that due to the short term system failure, some passengers through the Air China website to buy tickets for the international airline tickets zero yuan fare. "The first time we corrected the system. No matter where the fault occurs, Air China decided to bear the corresponding loss, because we believe that the most important integrity, that is, zero yuan ticket valid.

as of 9 points last night, there are still some passengers reflect the query when the state is displayed as a failure". Air passengers questioned the promise and then deny in succession. In this regard, China responsible person, 0 yuan ticket valid for passenger tickets, Air China will in accordance with procedures issued to all micro-blog announcement, "zero yuan ticket after ticket, the need for a process, so that some passengers also failed to get a ticket".

lawyers say

Beijing Sheng Ting lawyer Bi Wenqiang believes that the system failure caused by fare becomes zero yuan, passengers then bought the ticket price, the contract relationship is a major misunderstanding, Air China may request to change or cancel ", because in addition to special promotions, there is no zero yuan ticket, the change or cancellation of the"

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