A new batch of personalized domain name suffix on line Com to be out of date

in China people to celebrate the Spring Festival these days, the Internet industry has undergone some significant events. In 2014, there will be more than 1000 new top-level domain enabled, in the past only.Com,.Net,.Org top-level domain name is gone forever.

According to the "Washington Post"

news, domain name provider Donuts has opened the following categories:.Bike,.Singles registered the domain name suffix,.Clothing,.Guru,.Holdings,.Plumbing,.Ventures, in February 5th this year will be officially registered.

Donus company said it would continue to promote the approval of the domain name suffix suffix, the next batch may enable the suffix will include:.Camera,.Equipment,.Graphics and.Photography.

so, the new generic top-level domain suffix on the line,.Com is going out of style to the demise of the


understand the future, first look back on history. First of all, we have to go through to 1993……



1993, the movie "Jurassic Park", a big success, people love the dinosaur vividly screen. When the Toronto basketball team in the country for the team name, last name "Raptors" has become the most loving people. At that time, people would choose to go to the library, or use the CD CD version of the Encyclopedia Britannica, if they wanted to look up information. Domain names have appeared, but few have registered for use. At that time, there was a browser called "Mosaic", which makes it easier for people to access the internet. The most popular use of the United States is the American online site, rather than enter the URL to other sites to check the content, then there is no Google.



crash! The Internet fire, thanks to the 56K cat people can quickly access the Internet at home. At this time, a small group of people began to buy domain names, their friends and family think this behavior is very crazy, how can someone buy a domain name?

RickSchwartz and Castello’s early domain et al. Buy a lot of domain name, the domain name business is on the road of fortune. In addition to private investors and small groups to buy the domain name, Fortune 500 companies have begun to focus on the Internet, and gradually establish their own home page on the internet.



this time period is not fun, the Internet bubble burst. People thought that websites like Pet.com would last forever

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