Suning Suning store electricity supplier expansion is counter current innovation


Suning stopped in 2012 more than and 150 entities under the line, the electricity supplier experts in increasing numbers are beginning to recognize the electricity supplier era has truly arrived, but the line entity electricity supplier in 2012 was bloody data to prove, but in 2013 was less than half, Suning has been generous in in March the electricity supplier to stir the tax stimulus, Suning began to change, strategy, focus on the entities under the line again, Suning Tibet branch layout that this year Suning will restart the expansion of the road line entity.

and Suning executives have also said that although the development of the electricity supplier is irreversible, but the electricity supplier shopping experience will not replace the entities under the line, of course, Suning senior leaders also stressed that the next line store expansion does not mean that Suning will not do business, will continue to move forward, but ideas will change the development of electronic business platform to become a line store service, this is Tmall and the Jingdong’s business model is obviously different, because the two business platform is based on the entities under the line as the main line entity.

Suning store expansion under the helpless

may be that many consumers Suning, this electricity supplier in the very impact, explore the entities under the line is actually a brave behavior, but also is a wise behavior, because of China’s tax system, the electricity supplier in the future will be to pay tax, will be reduced a lot of electric business advantage there are lots of traditional retailers, and store the line to glow new machine, so Suning began to optimize the line under the store, began to close some do not make money or smaller stores, shopping plaza began to change into a comprehensive, shopping, dining and entertainment together, thus to enhance the shopping experience.

but this is Su Ning’s wishful thinking, because before the Wanda Plaza also seems to not have a good day, Suning has been to see line under the store, online business is nothing more than to play but Jingdong, Taobao Tmall is not to mention, Suning has been ridiculed shopping now, but after a few years business, shopping experience will be presented in a new way, if now only electricity supplier service entities under the line, apparently from the idea already behind, because when you realize the electricity supplier defects, electricity supplier experience is also beginning to change.

tide after Suning will shrink

was expensive for the global asset first WAL-MART now retired, under the impact of electricity providers have started to shrink, which means that the traditional concept of consumption business changing consumer has become a trend, and with more and more of the 90 and 00 after the rise of electricity supplier, this form of shopping will gradually become the mainstream in the background next, Suning to expand the line store, is clearly a move against the current, although it looks like this form of shopping can enhance the user experience, but you know if you do not raise the wages of the employees, the service level can not keep up, users tend to make.