50 things that Chinese webmaster must know

      do a Chinese webmaster, if the following 50 questions, you don’t know, you will suffer, and you may be a bad webmaster.
fifty, there are forty of you can do it, then you are in the exam webmaster, this is the 50 station at least know intimately familiar with problems.
    1 can do not know ASP PHP c++ net but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know him for a week. Even HTML doesn’t know how to do, after the link technology, secretly deceive you do not know a few.

      2 do webmaster, must know the small letter home but, if your domain name is registered in the small agency, estimates you bigger, want to transfer to many websites do half that agency has run away.

      3 must know the top registrar, must know the domain name ownership, must use whois to query the domain name is their own.

      4 must know that only registered.Net   .Cn is useless, you must get.Com or pain with your life.

      5 must know that the virtual host does not limit the IIS, that is not limited to IIS, are deceiving you.

      6 must know 100 a webmaster, must have the heart of 5 adsense.

      7 must be added to the 5 webmaster, must know the latest developments in your peers in the same field of the 10 sites.

      8 to 2 QQ, a QQ can do the assassin or flash at any time. Spy on other people’s intelligence test for their own use.

      9 must know how to make money on the Internet, must be familiar with the 5 alliance products, always put the alliance advertising.

      10 must know SEO, must know how to cheat search, this is the most basic requirements.

      11 must have at least 3 domain names, 2 spaces, or not a webmaster.

      12 must learn to respect the Internet, everyone is expert, each Internet expert is your pride, may lose a great chance to