Enterprise network marketing to follow the five principles

before we often say "sell themselves", we are really afraid of alley wine can not sell now. Now you are not doing well, you can sell good times, as you must know the enterprise publicity, learn to call, but the network marketing is the essential sword of the current age of the Internet, make good use of network marketing companies often can earn pours, or only in the deep alley waiting for customers, and move on. Now the most successful enterprise is the network marketing experts, the winner, so make good use of the network marketing to the sword, is a required course of enterprise marketing.

this is an era of products, change constantly, the Internet is constantly changing, the network marketing must also be timely follow-up, although the army is water, but there are iron barracks. Here are five rules for network marketing:

first, the construction of network marketing professional team, lay a solid foundation for marketing

do a good job in network marketing must first have a professional team, and now many companies have set up the marketing department, and even set up a network promotion project team dedicated to network marketing. The team should have the following configuration: experienced and master technology network marketing network marketing director of design and development of web designers, responsible for website operation Commissioner, landscaping, website art design, update the content and data collection network editor, responsible for website optimization and promotion of the Commissioner, as well as data analysts. A professional network marketing team in order to have a good marketing planning ability and execution, is the first rule of network marketing.

two, make good use of the search engine, let your product for the first time

is a special world of the Internet, there is no geographical boundaries of the industry, there is no account visa, as long as the Internet based, anyone can surf the internet. As an enterprise should make full use of this feature, so that your products allow visitors to travel in the network world when the moment appeared in front of her, and to attract him to focus on enterprise products. Of course, it is difficult to reach this realm, which requires a good grasp of the golden key – Search engine. Many users now, once the problems or the purchase of goods, the first step is the search engine, how to search information in the customer in front of customers, this is the enterprise must first course practice good, to do this we must use a variety of marketing methods search engine, search engine optimization, including the search engine login, search engine advertising, search engine marketing management.

three, the use of the third party platform, so that your products everywhere

for a green hand website to let customers see you as soon as possible, in addition to make good use of the search engine this sword, also need to know how to make good use of the third platform. The Internet thirty years of development, now has a lot of domestic and foreign mature website, enterprises can choose the appropriate third party platform according to the characteristics of products, the target customer group released information, such as community forums and websites, such as micro-blog, but also the extensive mining cooperation.