Adsense network broadcast beautiful shopping platform such as how to survive encounter ban

1 beautiful said: flow parasitic mode shopping experience after the birth of the ban on how to survive after the


note: parasitic relationship shopping guide website and business platform, social networking platform is the most intense shopping guide websites battleground, such as the use of micro-blog diversion diversion, using Tencent QQ space, shopping guide websites all the (application) to compete for the user and traffic. In titanium media entrepreneurs "happy Amoy interview Lv Jinjie: do the content to do the electricity supplier shopping guide flow", Lu Jinjie has said entrepreneurs compete in the PC end of the sense of crisis, the team turned to the mobile terminal; and it suffered censorship is tantamount to "close the valve" to rely on outside the station to guide the "parasite" start-up, the threat is far greater than competitors.

Taobao blocked shopping guide website, the beautiful said and several shopping guide websites are in trouble. From the beautiful tree, said the road was on the self survival. IT senior reporter Ji Yongqing said from the beautiful team to its investors, visited the beautiful team said how to resist the ban, how to transform the experience behind, the editor recommended as follows:

2.3 month from the date of the purchase of train tickets will verify the identity of the ticket up to no more than 100

Spring Festival this year, cattle using the identity card number generation software store ticket reselling the media exposure, 12306 websites can not verify the identity of defect information to be criticized. However, this situation will change in the future. Yesterday, reporters from the China railway company was informed that since March 1st, 12306 website will carry identity verification ticket network. That means you can’t get a train ticket with a fake ID.

is not a verification of identity information can not buy tickets

it is understood that 12306 of the registered users of the site to buy tickets or tickets for others, you need to add the information of the car into the commonly used contacts (car). In this process, you need to register the identity information. Previously, some cattle using the identity card number generation software to get the false identity card number, name up to hoard tickets. From 1 next month, the use of the two generation of identity cards on the site of the registered users and commonly used contacts are required to verify the identity information.

3 WeChat service platform exposure: access to five service providers  

news February 24th, billion state power network access to news, after rumors that WeChat is preparing for the service provider platform has been on-line test version, named WeChat cloud".

it is understood that the WeChat cloud beta domain name, is the official website of Tencent cloud two domain name. Informed sources told billion state power network, in the WeChat cloud platform service providers need to use cloud services Tencent.

4: find the opportunity in  > decryption tuniu giant overlook

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