The road of life and death of group buying website under the market segmentation

is the rapid development of the group, a year’s time, has almost penetrated into the various segments of the market. The group purchase market, current market segments under the group purchase mode is divided into 2 kinds: a lot of advertising by burning the market; one is relying on its market resources, open group purchase mode, slowly grab market.

financing is a big problem

no matter what kind of mode of buy, can not be separated from the two resources: first, the capital, one of the users, but the problem has its pros and cons. disclosure of earnings of the group purchase industry input output had been more mysterious than the first quarter of this year, the net operating income of glutinous rice nets under $900 thousand, but compared to operating expenses of $4 million 600 thousand, is a drop in the bucket. According to a responsible person in charge of the network, the current situation is to buy a network to open a Mercedes Benz, back to a QQ. So, in this burn industry, no more VC, might eventually lead to funding strand breaks and was eliminated.

most of the domestic network is the first to buy a high advertising costs burn out a market, but the end of the market is the opportunity, or a bubble?. According to industry estimates, group purchase net profit in 2013, then the 2 years will be the number of group purchase website due to funding strand shortage from the stage of history, or conclusion. Obviously, the use of funds to burn out this market model, although the move quickly, but the greater the risk.

resource issues can not be ignored

no matter what kind of model, the final battle for market share, user resources. Domestic women’s market segments, known as ETUDE, is a female information content for a website, with tens of millions of female user resources. Its group buying site ETUDE group is relying on its own market segments of user resources, the opening of the Buy mode, to get the market slowly. Although the traditional mode of thinking, a little clumsy, that in the long run, this model is more robust. The Internet is only the last laugh, is the winner. This model is also in line with the strategic principles of traditional industries, relying on a single product to obtain market share, access to more resources to achieve profitability, considering product diversification strategy.


reporter who interviewed Mr. Li Jiacheng, a reporter asked: what makes you run so many industries, each industry business was so successful? Mr. Li Jiacheng: no matter what, we must ensure that if one day, day stepped down, there is a project is profitable. At the same time, the pattern of online shopping once again verify the words of Mr. Li Jiacheng.

service is a new breakthrough

With the emergence of a large number of group buying site

, more and more consumers involved. But in the face of consumer complaints, the majority of enterprises to adopt an attitude of ignoring. When the market share of breakthrough in the difficult degree, is the best moment of the industry norms of many enterprises, improving the service quality of the industry, to meet consumer demand, the complaint rate to a minimum, is currently the network group purchase.

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