My QQ shopping guide network to promote the promotion of the line

shopping guide website for the flow does not need to be very high, only need accurate flow! In order to obtain accurate flow we will be effective promotion, promotion method also used a lot of. Today we say that the next promotion. In fact, it is very necessary for the promotion of shopping sites online. Under the line to get a more accurate flow, and now it is my line of promotion experience.


the line promotion is divided into 3 steps, first of all design posters, leaflets, posters and leaflets because of my limited ability to not design, I took 100 yuan to find good Witkey posters and leaflets design design ~, the second step is to send posters and flyers. I am starting from relatives and friends, ha ha ~ ~ as long as there are people to my home the first thing I did was to put posters and leaflets to them, let them give friends on the recommendation, I sell things recently are basically mobile phone calls from the Delta, also basically is the relatives and friends rushed:). Finally, a large area of publicity. I traveled around the bar sichanlanda called the boss to help me put up posters, the weekend is still a great flow of people walking in the street I designed leaflets. Now my website has been built for almost a month. Traffic is stable to 300IP, huh, huh, not a lot of. Can not be compared with the information site, but there is a demand for ~ ~ can also have a little bit of income every day hey.

above is my promotion experience, and finally want to help everyone. We have empty my website visit oh wish you counting the votes.

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