Babe network giant separatist mogujie com a lot of breakthrough new opportunities to fight

with the formation of the BAT giant pattern, the whole field of Internet entrepreneurship is filled with a tense atmosphere. Everyone said that the mobile Internet has basically completed the sinking, the demographic dividend depleted, the market has also been completed BAT segmentation. In the field of electricity providers, social platforms and other giants, in the flow of expensive, startups and smaller enterprises have been unable to find the opportunity.


held in Shanghai a few days of the new economic forum of 100 people, is the "new new electricity supplier flow in cracks in the giant barbaric growth" as the theme, the interpretation of entrepreneurs how to break in a giant. Today on the same topic, talk about how the successful breakout of the electricity supplier is how to do.


why do entrepreneurs panic?

first to talk about why entrepreneurs will feel panic


is the first traffic costs more expensive. With 14 to 15 years with two years in the wave of the mobile Internet business, numerous App and WeChat public number to pull new costs soared, appeared to push the army, sweep the yard street and so on the phenomenon of allowing startups traffic acquisition costs increase highly, now a new user acquisition costs about 30 yuan. In addition to the high cost of new users, the user operation, maintenance costs are high. Access to the amount of users can not maintain the activity, can only spend a lot of money to do activities. This is very scary for the electricity supplier, electricity supplier as a platform, not sticky enough number of users, there is no capital to adjust the upstream supply chain, which can provide more cost-effective products for users, finally fall into a vicious spiral.

second is the financing crunch. For start-up companies, financing almost grasp its lifeblood. Mobile Internet demographic dividend gradually consumed, investors are becoming more rational and even more cautious. In the face of some emerging companies, investors tend to take into account the future of BAT may be squeezed, it will inevitably lead to pessimistic thinking. No financial support, the pull of the new and more difficult to operate.

third is the pressure from BAT. And not to say that BAT has occupied a lot of traffic and the market, when the start-up companies have some new idea, it is likely to produce the result is BAT replication, and then rely on their own huge flow of small companies out. As for the acquisition of BAT, has been a good ending.

so it seems that entrepreneurs will feel pessimistic and panic, in today’s Internet market in the role of Matthew effect, so that many small businesses have become a victim of the support giant. But really can not find a chance?

self hematopoietic, and BAT dance with the new electricity supplier as well as opportunities

answer is definitely a chance.

was invited to participate in the new economic forum 100 babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun, with beautiful set >

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