Baidu today we pay attention to the problem

we pay attention to, today, Baidu is a problem, a few days ago heard that the Baidu server is a problem, we do not include the number of unknown, and so on the following

1, web site included a substantial reduction in page data


2, site out of the included figures, refresh a few times on the transformation of a data.

3, site out of the number of included with the real data included

4, Baidu post bar in June 28th, MP3 column error.

6, Baidu index 50top appear ";" such words.

above all of these should be aware of the beginning of today when I was in search of the Baidu index when there was a strange question a lot of attention to the user’s key words 0 media attention index rose

For example, we found

QQ user attention for 0 o (a _ U) below is a screenshot of the



and the following screenshot




ha ha Baidu in the end how to engage in and not the same as the

note that I look at Baidu, but not on their own, but can not completely get rid of Baidu hey do not rely on Baidu on the line, forget Baidu can make a better site for customers to think about it!!

I was built on the site, Baidu has not come above the problem in my head summer want to do a good job. And hope to make friends with you my QQ 308155438

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